Thursday, June 15, 2017

Weekly Reflection 16/6

This week I enjoyed going to the Sarjeant Art Gallery because we made clay models. We could make either a star, sun or a moon. Putting on the eyes and mouth was the best part because I liked roughening the clay and dabbing the vinegar on.

One of my challenges this week was trying to stay on my bottom at story telling especially when the man was telling the whale story. It was very, very long.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

I have short brown hair down to my shoulders. My eyes are blue but some people think they are green. Usually I wear my hair in a side pony tail and my hair is really hard to brush. I sort of have long nails and dark peachy coloured skin.

The mudflats

The Mud Flats

One sunny afternoon my family, except my dad, went to the Whanganui river in the car. When we got there we put our skates on and went skating along the pathway by the riverside. After a while Oliver, my 2 year old brother, was bored and escaped into the mud flats nearby. Unfortunately his boot got stuck so mum had to take her skates off and go into the mud to help him.

Once Oliver was out everyone wanted to go in the mud because they thought it might be fun. The mud by the grass was quite hard but as we went further in the mud started to ooz between my toes. Soon the mud was knee height. When I got mud on my hands it felt slippery. I washed the mud on my hands off in the river but only my hands because I knew I’d get my legs muddy on the way back to the path.

By Juliet

The two boys

                                          The two boys
The two young boys are walking home slowly with candy in their pockets.They were walking down the long bumpy road on a cold foggy morning.They both felt exusted, hungry and thirsty.

By Juliet

Gordon's bush

In the canopy of Gordon’s bush there are epiphytes that are stuck between the branches. There may be birds nests up there as well.
In the middle of the tree, there might be some vines, or the tops of some small trees.  There might even be some lichen that makes it look like it has been snowing. Or moss that's wrapped itself around the tree trunk.

On the floor of the bush there may be some fallen rotting logs. There might even be tree roots that look like slithering snakes sliding out of it’s hiding spot, or maybe another tree root that looks like a dark lizard sleeping.