Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Bike explanation

Yesterday I wrote an explanation about how a bike moves. First I wrote the title which tells the reader what he or she is about to read. Next I wrote the definition which tells the reader what it is and what it is used for. The parts comes next. The first thing I did for the parts was the opening sentense which tells the reader what part  they are going to read next. The one I used was "Here are a few parts of a bike." Which I rather liked. Next up was the process which is when you write down the things like the pedal moves that causes the chain ring to rotate. Things like that. After that we did the conclusion which rounds of the story.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

My Explanation

A few days ago for writing we were doing an explanation about why our shadow clocks were going anti cloc wise. First we made a plan.The plan was like a sandwich. The bun was a definition, the meat pattie had lots of causal language in it. At the bottom was another bun which was the conclusion. The easy part was next when we all put it into a story. It was so much fun writing it.

Neuron Artwork

This week I learnt about neurons and how they work in your brain. Neurons are invisible things in your brain. Every time you learn something new they create new pathways in your brain. We made artwork of the neurons in our brain then we coloured it in with pastel. Afterwards we went around with white jovi then we dyed it.Then we got tiny weeny light  bulbs called LEDs  and put two of them in our artwork. The idea was to use wires to light them up. So we wrapped a red wire a round the the positive leg of one LED and then attached it to a split pin. Then we got a black wire and attached it to the negative leg of the LED  then attached it to another split pin. The we attached the wires to a battery and they lit up link the neurons in our brain.


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Durie Hill

Last Wednesday me, my class and my mum went on a trip to Durie Hill. When I walked to the steps I thought it would be easy, but it wasn't. It made my legs turn to jelly but eventually I got there. Next we walked up the Durie Hill elevator where we had our morning tea. Then finally we walked up the Durie Hill tower. I thought it would be tiring because I heard that there was over one hundred stairs, but it wasn't, it was easy. I was slightly scared but soon I got over it very quickly. I had a great time at Durie Hill.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Brain

                                       The Brain

The brain is a muscle in your head. It controls everything you do.

It has three parts, the cerebrum, cerebellum and the brain stem. The cerebrum has got two parts the left and right hemisphere, the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body and the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body. The cerebellum controls our balance and our ability to learn new things. The brain stem controls everything we do without thinking like your heartbeat, your breathing and and your digestive system.
is half the size of a football, it looks like a giant, pink walnut and feels like a ripe

I think the brain is the most useful muscle in your body.


Friday, February 23, 2018

Weekly Reflection 23.2. 18

Last Wednesday it was the pool party. We had Mrs Steedman for the day. At the pool party there was three water slides, a water fight, a sprinkler and paddling pools for Years 0-2.  First I chose to do the water fight but I didn't like it much because my water gun doesn't fill up very well unless it is filled up at a tap. So I slid on the water slide for the rest of the time. Afterwards at morning tea we had a cupcake each. Also just before lunch my class had an ice cream each.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Learning Reflection 16.2.18

This week I learned how to sketch portraits and put my eyes eyebrows ears and
nose in the right place.

I got better at sketching because I learned exactly where to put my ears and eyes.